Transfer PumpsTransfer Pumps

Three state-of-the-art pumps, with different characteristics, but responding to a single design philosophy: quality of the transfer, ease of use thanks to the numerous automations applied and guaranteed high performances.

  • Francesca®: pump with a soft transfer, suitable for all types of work in the cellar and ideal for filling and emptying precision barrels. Francesca® is equipped with an exclusive movement of the rotor: the simple, essential, compact geometry of the Francesca® rotor ensures that the movement of the product inside the pump is linear and without turbulences.
  • Caterina®: the second patented pump, easy to use, efficient and economic pump. Ideal for all quality decanting inside the cellar, particularly recommended for use in isobaric. A pump with impellers with flexible vanes, but with a completely innovative and patented geometry, which allows it to have double performances at half the revolutions, ensuring a delicate movement of the wine always respecting the company philosophy.
  • LoBó: compact and handy version of the helical rubber lobe pump, ideal for all the most demanding transfers, where great prolonged force is required. A pump that is not afraid of anything and tireless.

Electronics expertly applied to mechanics, handy, compact and easy to use pumps.

Simple to disassemble and inspect, they guarantee total accessibility to all parts in contact with the product which can therefore be easily washed and sterilized.

Multifunction radio remote control, standard inverter on all pumps, pressure, temperature and dry running sensors, flow meter and more.

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