Thanks to our technical know-how and wide product range we help you to choose the closure that best suits your product. Please call us for more detailed information about our standard closures and also personalization possibilities.

Cork Stoppers

Natural and synthetic cork stopper options preferred by those who want to offer the best quality to their customers. Pls call us for further information.


You can easily transform even a simple packaging with a capsule printed in bright, matte, metallic or perla effect colors. We can offer numerous solutions prepared with different printing techniques suitable for all bottle profiles.

Metal Labels And Seals

Self-adhesive metal or resin seals, easy to apply wax seals...

What else do you need to express that your product is exclusive? Let your award-winning products carry their medals on! Your candles, perfumes, soaps, artisanal products and invitations will shine with these show stopping seals.

Do you want it sealed? We can help your products get the attention they deserve.

Stoneware Bottles And Jars

The most outstanding product on the shelf may be your product...

Stoneware bottles and jars that stand out visually with their broad model and

color options

It is an ideal packaging option for wine, beer, olive oil and gourmet delicacies with features such as:

  • Standard neck finishes that can be sealed with cork, aluminum cap, crown cap or mechanical closures
  • Surface suitable for labeling and printing
  • Light proof material that extends the shelf life of products
  • Suitability for use in industrial filling lines
  • Excellent protection against heat changes
  • Food-appropriate glazed inner surface
  • High-press resistance

Click here or more detailed information about stoneware containers

Oenological Equipments

For information please contact with us.

Packaging Machinery


  • 1. Semi-Automatic Bottle / Jar Filling Lines
  • 2. Semi-Automatic Bottle / Jar Capping and Labeling Units


  • Fully Automatic Bottle / Jar Filling Lines
  • Bottle Rinsers