Aluminium Closures

Oil and Vinegar ClosuresOil and Vinegar Closuresyag sirke 3

Our aluminum caps are in six differnt sizes and are fitted with seals that perfect the consumer's product experience, provide controlled flow rate and increased hygiene.


Our alumnium caps with NRP, which must be used to prevent counterfeiting of olive oil in accordance with European Union Regulations, come in 31.5x24.6 mm size.

Aluminum Closures for Water and Beverage

High performance 28x16 mm closures for carbonated or non-carbonated beverages with guaranteed airtight seal. This cap is also available with two vertical scores for returnable or to be recycled glass bottles.

Aluminium Closures for WineAluminium Closures for Wine

WineCap closures in a variety of sizes are equipped with multilayer lining suitable for wine contact. The cap is easy to open and can be stored horizontally after it is closed.

Aluminium Closures for Spirits

Our closures can be printed in 5 colours and fully meets the most sophisticated demands of the spirits industry. Closures come fitted with standard EPE liners. Other liner types available upon request. Non refillable inserts are also available in a range of different size closures.

SCR Aluminium ClosuresSCR Aluminium ClosuresSCR Aluminium Closures

These caps are in accordance with GPI finish standard. They can be personalized by printing on top or side surface or by producing it in your own special colour.

Contact us for specifications and available dimensions.